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Exhale Album Review wrote up an amazing review of J. Crum' s Album Exhale!!

J. Crum’s Exhale is a meticulously crafted hip-hop album that seamlessly blends a wide variety of genres and styles into a polished, cohesive, and downright awesome sound. Produced by Samuel Day, Exhale wraps elements of pop, rock, jazz, R&B, reggae, and funk into its hip-hop roots. The results are accessible, dynamic, and outstanding.

Exhale begins with a discordant intro and segues into the title track, which sets the tone for the restRead more

Exhale Now Available 

Exhale is finally back! Mixed and Remastered by Rico Gibson of ESA Muzic, you can now listen to Exhale the way it was intended! And for the month of June you can download digitally for only 7.99 on our official website. Purchase the album here!

Exhale Re-Release! 

You may have noticed recently that Exhale hasn't been available on digital outlets recently. We want to be able to give you all the best music possible so we've sent it off to be remastered by music veteran Rico Gibson! We're extremely excited to announce that the re-release will be available by the end of March! We cant wait for you to the hear the music the way it was meant to! Stay tuned!!

J. Crum Featured in Say Hey There Music Article... 

By the time I stepped into The Sydney at about 11pm, J. Crum was already onstage. Being a newcomer to his music, I had no idea what to expect, and I was blown away from the moment the first wave of sounds hit me. Backed by a live band (my weakness in hip hop), the buzz of energy in the room was so loud I wished a stretch of wild dancing would break out, a notion that would have been encouraged by the performer who at one point told the crowd, “Hope ya’ll ready to move."
Read more here...

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Exhale (Remastered): CD

Exhale (Remastered): CD

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Listen to Exhale the way it was intended.

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